Reporting wrong song names to Spotify is useless

Sometimes you notice a broken song or album name in Spotify. Have you ever thought that you may want to report it to Spotify? Of course you thought. But it is pointless. Spotify does not care about wrong song or album names.

I have reported wrong song names several times to Spotify and what has happened? Nothing. The wrong song names persist. Wrong song names are not just an annoyance, they can be really distracting. You want to find a particular song? Well, impossible if Spotify has messed up its name.

Well, I’m not just complaining about song names. I am telling you how to report wrong song names and I use this as a kind of “you’ll see, reporting those to Spotify is pointless” post which I will return to later to check that “haah, so I reported those song names in February and they are still not fixed.” Or maybe they will because instead of just reporting them, this time I also wrote this blog. (You know, when I wrote a blog post about Spotify, for example about not having some artists in Spotify, things usually start to happen) ;-D

So how do you report wrong song names? It is quite well hidden in Spotify web-pages, but here is how to get there. At the bottom of the front page there is About link and that page has link to contact form. And on that page is link “I want to report a broken song or wrong song information.”

As a case study on “Reporting wrong song names to Spotify is useless”, I’ll report a typo in Impaled Nazarene song Coraxo form their album Ugra Karma. Sometimes I found myself wanting to hear this jolly tune, but search for “Coraxo” returned only the live version of the song and some other songs with similar names. Searching for the album Ugra Karma gave the album as the result but I was surprised to find that the song was there as it should be, but mistyped as “Coraxi”.

So here it goes, report on wrong song name.

Coraxi is just wrong

Coraxi is just wrong

Shortly after sending that, I got an email confirmation, “We just wanted to let you know that we’re looking into your query and we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Let’s just say that I’m not holding my breath 😉


  1. In your contact form where you tried to report a misspelling, you have a misspelling. It should be “It should be” not “If should be.”

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