You have somehow landed on Porotal, my little web site. This site contains some pages and my blog. The content and the pseudo-random words on the blog are written by me, Tero “Poro” Turtiainen and the blog consists of my ramblings about anything that crosses my mind. Some keywords for the blog might be information technology, motor racing and music. But I will not let any keywords or anything else limit my inspiration (or lack of inspiration) while writing.. If I feel like writing about the cockpit of the space shuttle, I will do it.

Some information about me:

Name: Tero Turtiainen
Age: Forty something
Email: several, but if you find my email address here use blog at porotal.org
Also known as: Poro
IRCNet: DeeDeeTee
Interests: Motor racing, music (mainly heavy metal), IT, sim racing (iRacing)
GPLRank: -32.909 (last updated back in 2005)
Occupation: Senior software engineer at Miradore


  1. I was looking to see if a copy of “Deep Black Purple Sabbath” that I wrote for the Black Sabbath mailing list back in 1998 or 1999 was still online, and your site is the winner! Thanks so much for keeping a copy of it around, I really appreciate the memory with it.

    1. Fantastic! I thought I had read (and saved) if on Black Sabbath mailing list, but I was not sure and I had no idea who wrote that. I will add your name to the file. Or if you want I willl remove it as you have the copyrights to the text 🙂

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