Knight Lore

Knight Lore is one of the most influential computer game of the 1980s. It was published in 1984 by Ultimate Play The Game originally for Sinclair ZX Spectum. Its revolutionary isometric perspective was soon copied by many developers, but no one seemed to quite catch the magic of Knight Lore.

This page shows a simple map of the game and describes where each of the items are helping you to complete the game!


  • = One of the possible starting rooms
  • X = Cauldrom room
  • A – H = Items

Arrow points North or upper screen position, as you prefer. So you shouldn’t have any problems in orienting yourself.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The letters A to H in the map represent the items. Each letter corresponds to a type of item. They vary from play to play, but if you know which item was in which room you can look at the table above to find out where the all the other items are.

For example, if you find in a room marked with letter A, you see that items are distributed like in the 2nd column of the table above, so for example can be found in rooms marked with letter C.


Cauldron wants the items in a specific order. When you enter the cauldron room as a human you see the required item blinking above the cauldron. Don’t enter the cauldron room as a werewolf!

Note that the first item the cauldron requires varies but the order of the items is:

Once you have given the cauldron 14 items, you have completed the game!



Following persons have contributed to this page:

  • Tero Turtiainen – Finishing the map, adding item info and putting it all together
  • André Malafaya – Groundwork for the map
  • Mark Bishop – Help with the some missing objects and the table

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