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Yet another follow up on the case of reporting wrong song names to Spotify is useless

SpotifyThis is the third (and final?) part of the “Reporting wrong sone names to Spotify is useless” trilogy. In the first part told how it was quite hard to find how to report wrong song names and in the second part I told how the reporting really is a waste of time as nothing really happens after the report. It’s been almost 12 months since the part two so maybe it is time to check has anything progressed.

No. The song name I reported to test the hypothesis is still wrong so why should anybody waste their time reporting wrong song names?

But some time ago I had a little Twitter conversation with some Spotify customer service person. According to him/her the feedback is important (don’t they always say that?). But:

“It’s worth noting that we make music available in the way it’s presented to us. If you believe a track name is incorrect, then we’d recommend contacting the distributor, so they can make a change”

Why should I, as a Spotify customer, need to contact some music distributor? Why should I even know about music distributors, should I know how music business works to be able to improve the quality of Spotify service? I am a Spotify customer, not a customer of gazillion different music distributors.

Thank you Rammstein and Spotify

spotify_logoTwo weeks ago I wrote how bands that are not on Spotify just don’t exist. I mentioned two bands that I have really been missing, AC/DC and Rammstein. They haven’t been on Spotify, so I haven’t been listening to their music. And they haven’t been getting any money from me.

And today, it felt like a miracle, like somebody had been reading my complaints. Rammstein has landed on Spotify!

Tack så mycket Spotify! Danke Schön Rammstein!

So AC/DC. It is now your move.



Dear artist, if you are not on Spotify, you don’t exist

spotify_logoLately there has been some discussion about Spotify and how much artists get money from Spotify plays. Is it even worth being on Spotify if you are either a successful artist or a so-far-never-heard-but-desperately-wannabe-artist?

Well, to put it shortly.

Dear artist, if you are not on Spotify, you just don’t exist.

And why is that?

Spotify is the perfect “tool” for finding new music. Back in the 1900s there was this thing called radio that was quite useful for finding new artists and music. Well, finding new artists who were already popular enough to get some airtime on radio. But it was totally ruined by playlists and “hit music only”-attitude. What if you are into some more obscure music genre, for example death metal or avant-garde rock? Sorry, there was no radio station for you. Radio was quite useful at the time, but I really don’t know what happened to radio stations after internet came to everybody 😉

Also, back in 1900s, there were all these music TV channels. One of the most popular channels was actually once upon a time called MTV for Music Television. But a long time ago it turned to reality TV channel where ancient rock stars are collecting dog poo (Ozzy, I love you) or pregnant teenagers got their fifteen minutes of fame. But even if there still is some TV channel showing music videos, who would be watching them? On short attention span internet age? Who would wait for one week for the special show that shows your kind of music when there is Youtube? And the death metal-avant-garde rock fans favourite music would not be shown on TV anyway. So also TV is quite obsolete for younger generation for finding interesting new music.

But now, we are in the 2010s. You know, even school kids have smart phones with video capabilities. And of course these streaming music services, like Spotify. It is just so convenient to be able to check out some music you’ve never heard and find something new. Some artists that I have found through Spotify are for example Mastodon, Opeth and oh.. The Who. Yes, the CSI band. Those young angry men. How could I have ever found those bands, if I had not been able to check out their music the way I wanted to, when I wanted to? Sometimes even by accident when clicking at the wrong link.

Yes, I have a cd collection. I have even bought cds from bands that I found on Spotify. But my cd collection is basically collecting dust. Spotify is everywhere I go. And how could you, as an artist, become a little part of my cd-collection if I have never heard about you. Basically, if you are not on Spotify, you don’t exist. I will never find out about you.There are some bands that I would love to listen to, but I won’t. I have your cd:s but yes, they are covered in dust. Yes, AC/DC and Rammstein. You are not on Spotify. You don’t exist anymore. Metallica and Led Zeppelin, thank you for making the wise decision of joining Spotify. I missed you so, it is great that you are back in my life.

So if you are an artist and you think that you gain something by NOT being on Spotify, I think you should think again. As far as I am considered, you don’t exist. I never hear your music, I will never come to see your show, you don’t get a penny of my money.

By the way, who is Taylor Swift?

Miksi sisällön ostaminen on niin hankalaa?

Seuraan mielelläni urheilua. En toki kaikkia lajeja mutta joitakin lajeja hyvin mielelläni ja joitakin kyllä jos vaan on tilaisuus. Nyt paikallisen jääkiekkoseuran SaiPan päästyä playoffeihin jokin naksahti minullakin päässä ja oli pakko päästä seuraamaan SaiPan playoff-pelejä TV:stä tai netin kautta. Mutta ei sitä ole liian helpoksi tehty.

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